Collaborations with content creators at scale

Identify, manage, report and promote content campaigns generated by any content creator

Search and analyze

Impact your target audience by identifying the right content creator

Search and analyze effortlessly among millions of content creators through keywords, social networks, location, gender, age, number of followers, price, demographics of followers, fake followers and much more …

Management Automation

Save more time by automating the activation process with content creators

Plan your campaigns, create your briefs in a simple way, send proposals, review the contents of the creators and promote your photos and videos through social media ads.

Campaign Tracking and Reporting

Evaluate active campaigns by monitoring their performance in real time

Collect all pieces of content including Instagram Stories. Measure the overall performance of the campaign, specific content creators or specific posts by analyzing your Earned Media Value, CPM, CPC, CPE, impressions or engagements in a simple dashboard.

Enterprise solutions and API integrations

Easily scale your branded content services with a unique solution

Integral solutions with API integration or global payments of automatic influence to carry out marketing actions of branded content all over in the world.

Support and training

The Binfluencer team supports our technology

Our team will always be supporting any action you want to develop. For our partners we also have training sessions that allow any team to provide everything they need to perform any type of collaboration.

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