Our team

We are a group of entrepreneurs who in 2016 embarked on the branded content adventure.
It was a land that had not been exploited from the point of view of data analysis and we decided to be the first. For this, we bet on artificial intelligence and Binfluencer was born, the first all-in-one software for sponsored collaborations.

Javier Yuste García


Jesus San Román García


Iván Martín Maseda


Pablo Lanchazo Sanchis

Account Manager

Sara Cristóbal

Account Manager
Gabriela_Eganez_ binfluencer

Gabriela Egañez

Account Manager

Sebastián Rozas

Account Manager

Jose Escobar

Account Manager

Manuel Aliante

Account Manager

Jorge Farid Palencia

Full-Stack Developer

Daniel García Angulo

Full-Stack Developer

Michelangelo by Francisco Granda

Full-Stack Developer

Ramón Díaz Taboadela

Financial Controller

Where to find us

Felipe Campos Street, Nº7 | Under Local
Madrid Spain
+34 602 477 909

Calle Monjitas, Nº565 | 5th floor
Santiago, Chile
+56 9 9069 1827